Anaerobic adhesives are liquid resins that polymerise when placed between two closely fitting metallic surfaces. The adhesive fills all microscopic crevices in the metallic surface, allowing 100% contact between metal parts - providing better stress distribution. The cured adhesive also provides an excellent seal against water, gas, oils, fluids and chemicals. The maximum gap for sealing threaded parts is 0.5mm, for cylindrical joints a maximum gap of 0.1mm is recommended and for locking threaded joints, 0.3mm. The fixture time is influenced by the gap, the composition of the metal surfaces and the temperature - from a few minutes to one hour. The functional strength is reached in 1-2 hours. The operating temperature range is between -55° C and +150° C for standard anaerobics, although special grades will perform well at temperatures up to 230° C. They are designed and developed for the following applications:
Loxeal Anaerobic Adhesives
To seal and lock threaded pipe joints against pressurised air, gases, water, oil and other industrial fluids. Ideal for replacing hemp and PTFE tapes, anaerobic threadsealing adhesives have excellent vibration and heat resistance. They are available in a variety of strengths and are certified to a number of international standards including; DVGW, NSF, WRAS, KTW and BAM.
To lock studs, nuts, screws and any threaded fasteners. The adhesive prevents loosening caused by vibration, mechanical and thermal shock. They also inhibit fretting corrosion and prevent the seizure and galling of threads.
Liquid Gasketing
To seal flat mating surfaces and join flanges on pumps, gearboxes and differential housings. Replace preformed gaskets and allow contact between metal parts forming a seal which is not prone to creep or relaxation. Form a flexible and / or elastic gasket which is resistant to vibration, heat, oil and other industrial fluids. Parts can be disassembled using normal tools.
To lock and fit bushes, bearing, sleeves, pin hubs, pulleys, gears and other cylindrical components. They are ideal for increasing the strength of press fit parts or retaining loose fitting parts. They allow larger machining tolerances - thus reducing manufacturing costs - and prevent fretting corrosion, vibration loosening, distortion and will seal against fluids.
Sp200 / SP213
SP500 / SP600
Pump for Fish Pond
Step Down Transformer - 415V~220V (2kVA.20kVA)
Howa HF66A-1
Dc Rectifier
Electric Fuel Pump
Engine Stop Solenoid
Solenoid Switch
Automatic water pump
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